Exmoor Flag ideas

As the Exmoor Flag is not copyrighted its image is free to be adapted to creatively fulfil a concept’s requirements. Below are some examples of innovative uses of the flag and we very much welcome the opportunity to see your projects.

Exmoor Flag Christmas Card

Christmas card designed by Tony Keene inspired by the Exmoor Flag, replacing the star with a snowflake.

Exmoor Flag Cushion

Beautiful cushion designed and sewn by Karen Jarmarkier.

Exmoor Flag celebration cake

Wonderful cake celebrating Exmoor Flag’s 1st birthday, created by Christine Nelder of Exclusive Cake Company Dulverton.

Cycling shirts Exmoor Flag

Local cycling team pledged their allegiance to Exmoor with custom designed shirts for their tour of Italy.

Exmoor Flag flower creation

Stunning Exmoor Flag created by Emma @The_ELeete from things in the garden as a lock down challenge.

Resign Exmoor Flag ring

Delightful ring created by Ellie Lyndsay using resin.

One off spare tyre cover featuring the Exmoor Flag.