Frequently Asked Questions

Why are the colours on the finalists flags the same?

The finalist flags were all drawn up to the same standard to give them all the same opportunity in the voting process, the colours are the same so that voters are not distracted by having to choose between slightly different yellows or purples for example. Official flags have to use colours that can be replicate by the printing process, of which the Exmoor flag will be one.

Why are the stags all drawn the same on the finalists flags?

Similar symbols or emblems are replicated to reduce dissipation of votes. The stag head was drawn to represent a strong Exmoor Red Deer and be visible on a flag from a distance. If the stags were all different the votes could be reduced if people were to chose one stag over another.

Who can fly the flag once it’s launched?

Once launched, the Exmoor flag can be displayed by anyone, anywhere, as there will be no copyright restriction. It can be stamped on any and all products that generate from Exmoor, have a graphic representation in every shop window or be flown from every business and household as a badge of quality and pride.

Who was on the judging panel to select the finalists?

Philip Tibbetts – Community Vexillologist for the Flag Institute Dan James – Exmoor National Park Authority, Sustainable Economy Manager; Naomi Cudmore – Editor, The Exmoor Magazine; Robin Ashburner – Ex President of the Flag Institute and Exmoor resident; Johnny Kingdom – Exmoor wildlife enthusiast & TV personality; Toni Jones – Exmoor Society, Member of the Executive Committee; Exmoor Flag Project Team – Ceri Keene and  Julie Christian

How does this relate to the Exmoor National Park Authority corporate logo and the Exmoor brand?

The Exmoor flag project has been initiated by the community in celebration of the  National Park’s 60th anniversary in 2014. The aim is to develop an official flag (as registered by the UK Flag Institute and in line with their criteria of an open design competition) allowing those in the Exmoor community to celebrate this special place. It is not a promotional or corporate brand. The Exmoor flag will be selected by popular vote and will be available to all with no copyright restrictions.

The corporate logo of the Exmoor National Park Authority is used by the Authority in all manner of ways including on legal documents and so can’t be made freely available to anyone without restrictions. The Exmoor brand (of which the Dream, Discover, Explore logo is part of) is used by the tourism sector to market the overall tourism experience / product offered in the area across the country and overseas.

There are many precedents to this triple approach with many communities, counties and even countries having a distinct flag, corporate identify and tourism brand (including Devon, Somerset and Cornwall).

The National Park Authority have provided a small grant towards the costs of the project which will help achieve one of the National Parks statutory purposes to promote public understanding of the special qualities of the National Park by encouraging people to consider what the special qualities of Exmoor are, and how they can be symbolised (including schools workshops).

Who can enter?

The Exmoor Flag design competition is free to enter and open to all. Young and old, amateur and professional – all will be judged impartially and purely on merit. School children will have exactly the same chance as graphic designers.

How will the competition be run?

The competition will be run according to the guidelines set out by the Flag Institute. The Flag Institute maintains and manages the national United Kingdom Flag Registry. This is to ensure there is a definitive record of those United Kingdom flags which exist, both nationally and regionally.

How can I enter my design?

You can send your design by post to 
The Exmoor Flag Competition 
℅ Ceri Keene 
The Old Stores 
TA22 9AH

Or email an electronic image or photograph of your design and the entry form to