Exmoor Flag Bunting

A 4 metre strip of Exmoor Flag bunting with 12 pennants.

Knitted polyester pennants 20 cm wide x 30 cm high.

Exmoor Flag Postcards

Exmoor Flag Postcard  Exmoor Flag Postcard George Cross  Exmoor Flag Postcard Landscape  Exmoor Flag Postcard Stags

A set of 40 postcards (4 x 10 of each image shown). Each card 105mm x 148mm.

Produced and printed in Exmoor.


Exmoor Flag Lapel Pin

Exmoor Flag Lapel Pin

   The Exmoor Flag Lapel Pin

  30mm x 18mm hard enamel with a silver

  nickel plating and a butterfly clasp.

  New in stock with really excellent detail.


Exmoor Flag Window Sticker

Exmoor Flag Windw StickerExmoor Flag Window Sticker

For inside the car/window 80mm x 205mm screen printed with vibrant colours.

Designed and produced in Exmoor


Exmoor Flag Bumper Sticker

Exmoor Bumper StickerExmoor Flag Bumper Sticker

 150mm x 106mm      screen printed with  vibrant colours.

 Designed and produced  in Exmoor.




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